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Why Be A Volunteer?

Why Be A Volunteer?

What makes the world go around?   Volunteers make the world go around.  Our Association has over 3200 members and we know how to volunteer.  Just in 4 months this year….we have added a ramp to a senior Veteran’s home, collected 72 new suitcases for the Foster children of Osceola so when they are moved from home to home they don’t have to fill their belongings in a trash bag, we walked miles upon miles for the Relay For Life event for the American Cancer Society and collected funds to help to someday find the cure for cancer,  planned for a Global Alliance luncheon to help fund the Global Disaster Relief Fund helping other with fresh water and food, collected boxes full of toiletries for the victims of the hotel fire, started the plans for a community garden and that just scratches the surface.  Our Volunteers sit on many Board throughout our County, the local Chambers, Housing Advisory Boards, and other Realtor affiliations.

To understand the meaning of “Volunteer”…..it is a person who freely gives of their time, energy and wisdom to take part in an enterprise or to undertake a task.  A person who voluntarily offers themselves for a service or undertaking, a person who performs a service willingly without pay or compensation.

Volunteers give not for the recognition, but for the inner satisfaction they feel and to know that they made a difference.   I recently asked a member of our Association to be a Volunteer, she (KF) was concerned with the demands, but she volunteered anyway.   When she completed her amazing task, she called to thank me for asking her to volunteer.  Her reward was so overwhelming and she was so appreciative for the “ask”.      Volunteering is heartwarming.

Wanda Linscott

2017 OSCAR President

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