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Global Alliance Luncheon

The Global Alliance had a luncheon recently and if you missed it here are some quick facts for you to consider when looking for buyers and sellers when prospecting:
  • Approximately 25% of ALL sales in Florida are to foreigners
  • Nearly ALL sales to these buyers are paid in ALL-cash
  • 77% of Florida REALTORS have worked with International Clients in the last year
  • 4% of Florida’s workforce is employed by foreign companies.
  • Florida exports totaled $55.2 billion in 2010
  • $5 billion exported to Switzerland, $4.7 billion to Brazil, and nearly $4 billion to Canada.
  • 19% of total Florida residents are foreign born;      20% of Osceola County residents are foreign born
  • 27% of total Florida households primarily use a non-English language). 45% of Osceola County households primarily use a non-English language
  • Nearly 1 million Florida households report that Spanish is spoken at home
  • Almost 500,000 more households use another Asian  or European language

So How OSCAR Can Help you….

  • Network with other REALTORS who are actively engaged within the Osceola County global community
  • Create Relationships with Immigration Attorneys,  Mortgage Brokers, and other allied partners who can help you close your global transactions
  • Learn new tips & techniques to earn your share of the $5 Billion worth of globally sourced commissions

Interested in seeing the full presentation?! [download id=”112″]

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