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Committees/Task ForcesChairVice Chair
Budget & Finance: The duties of the Budget and Finance Committee are to consider and recommend ways and means to properly finance the Osceola County Association of Realtors, submit to the Board of Directors for adoption a budget of estimated receipts and expenditures for the ensuing year, be responsible for the maintenance, care and control of Osceola County Association of Realtors’ funds, which shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. The purpose of the Finance Committee is, along with senior management, to provide oversight of the financial management and financial reporting function.Danny HernandezN/A
Grievance: The purpose of the Grievance Committee is to investigate complaints received from the public and members to determine if the complaint has sufficient substance and merit to warrant an ethics or arbitration hearing or mediation procedures. This committee also promotes to the general membership a constant awareness of, and conformance to, the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.Tina CampbellAlexandra Arena-Gil
Professional Standards: The purpose of the Professional Standards Committee is to be responsible for enforcement of the Code of Ethics of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® through the conduct of ethics and arbitration hearings.Arlene ConowKaren Dierickx
MLS: The purpose of the committee is to make recommendations on MLS software enhancements, plus identify and report problems within the MLS system programs. Committee will make recommendations for the chair to present at the MFRMLS SAC Board and OSCAR Board Meetings.Daisy CidJames Williams, III
Professional Development: The purpose of the Professional Development Task Force is to provide guidance and background information regarding continuing education, certification and designation offerings; to act as an advisory committee by reviewing current course offerings and delivery systems to comparison with OSCAR Member’s needs (i.e. schedules, learning styles and education voids) and surveyed responses, recommend future trends regarding educational offerings as it pertains to real estate specialties including property management; to ensure up-to-date and relevant education is offered to members as identified by an annual education survey.Becky ChirilloN/A
Awards: The purpose of the Awards Task Force is the consider nominations made by members for various award opportunities throughout the year on the local, state and national level. The Awards Task Force will identify, through member recommendations and the Association Executive, member candidates qualified to receive external awards and ensure members are aware of recognition opportunities for recommendation available within our industry. The awards task force is also responsible for selecting recipients of OSCAR’s internal annual recognitions and awards.Mary CooperN/A
Bylaws and Policy: The Bylaws and Policy Committee performs an annual review of the Association Bylaws and Policies and Procedures which is submitted to the Board of Directors for final approval. The committee meets on an as-needed basis.Jeff PerryN/A
Realtors® Care: The purpose of the REALTORS® Care Committee is to seek, develop and promote opportunities for the Osceola County Association of REALTORS® and its’ members to be engaged in the community in which we serve. The committee shall actively identify such opportunities, work to identify members involved in community activities and organizations, and encourage involvement from members throughout the organization to promote the REALTOR® brand, image and mission of the organization.Marge EddyCharlie DeCarlo
- Create the Future Task ForceKelly Freeman
-Relay for Life Task ForceHeather Johnson
-Education Task ForceSue Vasquez
-Community Assistance Task ForceSandra Roberts
Realtor® Political Action (RPAC): Working with and through RPAC-Florida and RPAC of the national Association of REALTORS®, the RPAC task force is responsible for raising funds for the furtherance of candidates, political parties, political committees and issue activities that are consistent with local, federal and state election laws on a nonpartisan basis.Tim Weisheyer
Global Alliance: The purpose of the Global Alliance Committee is to position Osceola County Association of Realtors® members internationally as the most influential and authoritative representative of the Florida real estate business and profession; to provide members with exposure within the international arena as well as an opportunity to be part of an international network that will generate business and contacts; to open new international real estate markets for members; to raise awareness among members of the impact and opportunity of international real estate within their local domestic markets and of the tools available to them to support this business and help them recognize risk; and to minimize barriers to U.S. REALTORS® operating abroad and foreign investment in Florida real estate.Imran MohammedTeresa Reilly-O’Daugherty
Nominating: The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to identify candidates to serve as Officers and Directors; to interview selected candidates and recommends a slate of nominees to present to the Board of Directors and membership for annual election. The Nominating Committee shall seek to nominate candidates whose election would further the policy of ensuring that all specialties and professional interests within the Association are sufficiently represented on the Board of Directors.Jeff PerryN/A
Past Presidents: The purpose of the Past Presidents Council is to serve as a Presidential Advisory Group and a resource to officers and administrators. The council will also assist in the development and implementation of a comprehensive leadership program designed to identify, train and groom potential servant leaders in the organization.Jeff PerryN/A
Osceola Brokerage: The purpose of the Osceola Brokerage Committee is to bring Brokers and Managers together for networking opportunities; discuss and learn effective ways to operate their businesses; to provide relevant education opportunities for brokerages to share and learn best-practices and to assist brokerages in identifying effective strategies for achieving profitability.Shelly FreemanMaria Flores-Garcia
Candidate Screening: The purpose of the Candidate Screening Task Force is to coordinate and conduct interviews of candidates seeking public office and to make recommendations to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of duly qualified candidates which have completed the interview process and displayed their willingness and ability to advance the mission and goals of the Osceola County Association of Realtors®.Angel OrtizN/A
Public Policy Task Force: The purpose of the Public Policy Task Force is to coordinate and refine policy developed on public policy and regulatory issues, discuss, report, and recommend action on matters of public policy and regulation as they affect the real estate profession, private property rights and other issues the task force determines proper and to recommend to the Board of Directors positions on public policy issues. This committee mobilizes REALTORS® and Affiliate members to advocate for local, state and national industry issues.Renee Clark
REALTOR® Partnership Task Force: The purpose of the REALTOR® Partnership Task Force is to coordinate and refine the partnerships and activities developed in the Association’s Strategic Alliance Matrix, discuss, report, and recommend action on strategic alliances as they affect the real estate profession and to recommend to the Board of Directors strategic alliances that will further advance the vision and mission of the association. Members of this task force will engage with and promote opportunities created within the matrix with strategic alliance organizations in accordance with our charter and our mission. This task force recruits and mobilizes REALTORS®, Affiliate members, and strategic alliance partners to collaborate for better service to all members.Gladys Thayer
Commercial Alliance Task Force: The purpose of the Commercial Alliance Task Force is to identify and connect commercial real estate practitioner members and members with a potential interest in commercial specialties. Members of this task force would connect with commercial overlay boards, commercial specialty institutes, and commercial marketing platforms to better serve and engage commercial practitioners. This task force will identify tools and best practices to succeed in this field, courses, marketing and networking opportunities, credentialing programs, and resources and make recommendations to the Board of Directors’ to better serve the needs of commercial REALTORS.Jim Hatchey