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OSCAR- Global Alliance Committee joins with MERCY CORPS for Int’l relief work

KISSIMMEE, FL, September 20 –  Members of the Osceola County Association of REALTORS’® (OSCAR) Global Alliance Committee (GAC) have been lending their efforts, time, and money to a worthwhile cause – MERCY CORPS – an organization existing to respond to worldwide crises, lending monetary and humanitarian support.  MERCY CORPS has a stated mission to alleviate […]

September 19 2017 0Comment

Final 2018 OSCAR Officers & Directors

  Final 2018 OSCAR Officers & Directors  The Osceola County Association of REALTORS® has officially elected the Officers & Directors 2018 Slate and has had the election results captured by the Association’s attorney in order to ensure accuracy, accountability and the integrity of the process.  The following Candidates will join 2018 President Becky Chirillo in leadership.  Officers: President-Elect: Danny Hernandez Treasurer: Donny Martinez […]

August 30 2017 0Comment

How You Can Help Those Impacted by Flooding from Hurricane Harvey

Donate to the Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey has created a flooding disaster of epic proportions.  With so many facing property damage and displacement, there is an urgent need for assistance to help those in the storm’s path get back on their feet again.  The Florida Disaster Relief Fund […]

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NAR Urges Call to Action on NFIP Extension

As events continue to unfold in Texas, NAR President Bill Brown reiterated that the immediate focus of the Association and its 1.2 million REALTOR® members is to support those affected by this tragic natural disaster. To help those in need, the REALTOR® Relief Foundation is collecting donations at   In addition to supporting relief […]

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MORE QUESTIONS THAN ANSWERS –IF ONLY I WAS THERE!   Given the amount of foreign investment that has and is still coming into the Central Florida market is it natural to assume that quite a number of Realtors would have channel at least some of their efforts into capturing part of the $19.4 Billion Florida […]

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