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Notice to AcitveKEY Users

Notice to AcitveKEY Users: Due to recent changes in cellular coverage in some areas, a small percentage of ActiveKEYs can no longer update automatically. If your ActiveKEY is not automatically updating each day, please follow these steps to determine if your ActiveKEY is in good cellular coverage. Determine if your ActiveKEY is in good cellular […]

NAR Tech Edge Events Keep Realtors® Apprised of Latest Tools

Media Contact: Cole Henry / 202-383-1290 / Email (link sends e-mail)  WASHINGTON (February 14, 2017) — Technology is transforming how Realtors® conduct business and communicate with clients. Now more than ever, Realtors® know the importance of staying up-to-date with the new and emerging technologies that are essential to the real estate business. To help Realtors® […]

Should You Pursue Drone Technology?

Advice from an FAA official, a legal expert, and the first real estate pro to secure a waiver to use an unmanned aerial vehicle in his business can help you determine your course.   Should You Pursue Drone Technology? Drones are finding their places legally in a variety of settings across industries. Communications companies are […]

Look out for Nanny Cams!

You and your buyers should walk through every home like there is a nanny cam recording your private conversations. If you are recorded, the information gleaned from your private conversations with buyers could be used against you in negotiations, warns a new video by the Washington Realtor Legal Hotline Lawyer.  Lawyer Annie Fitzsimmons with the Washington […]


Stay connected Find Resources Register for classes Register for events Shop online!!!! More to come…. Visit then select “Click Here to Login”at the top right hand side of the webpage. TO LOG ON FOR THE FIRST TIME PLEASE USE YOUR PRIMARY EMAIL & THE DEFAULT PASSWORD “Password1”(You may change this password after you log […]

New Technology Charges Smartphones With Sound

Scrambling for a wall-socket and carrying your charger everywhere could be a thing of the past, thanks to new technology. Nokia  has teamed up with researchers from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)  to develop new technology that could charge your smartphone with sound. Dr Joe Briscoe and Dr Steve Dunn of QMUL, as well as researchers from […]

3 things to consider before hiring a drone pilot

Drones are everywhere in the media today. Amazon is testing drones to deliver packages. Real estate agents are using drones to take aerial video. The military has been using drones for the past decade. Like it or not, the drone revolution is coming. With the potential to become an estimated $82 billion industry by 2025, […]

Top 10 Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

Email marketing has been, by far, the best tool around for connecting with existing and potential customers. It’s also a tool that goes unused or used incorrectly by so many businesses. When you send email out to your existing customers or subscribers it makes your business seem more credible and adds that personal touch that […]

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