How to Help a Seller With Short Sale

There are ways to protect a seller in a short sale In response to Shannyn’s letter ( about protecting a seller in a short sale: There are many ways to do this and, with respect, the listing agent is responsible for informing the seller of these options and making sure they are incorporated into the contract.

Here are some of the ways (anyone who has others, please share):

* Most important: Lock the buyer into a waiting period – a minimum of 90 days or, better yet, 120 days.
* Have a 30-day automatic extension if the bank needs more time to approve/close.

OSCAR Visits Fl House Rep.

A group of about 15 OSCAR Realtors just returned from a very successful trip to Tallahassee for the Great American Realtor Days. Key Contact Daisy Cid (Rep. Darren Soto) and Key Contact Cheryl Grieb (Rep. Mike Horner) together with Public Policy Chair, Tim Weisheyer,…

A Focus on Defeating Amendment 4

Many efforts are already being launched Statewide regarding pushing to defeat Amendment 4 which will be on the upcoming November 2010 Ballot. The Florida Realtors RPAC (Realtor Political Action Committee) Trustees have solicited the support of local Realtor Associations to earmark 16% of local RPAC funds specifically to fight Amendment 4. The OSCAR BOD has […]

OSCAR BOD to Upgrade Tech.

As a much needed capital improvement, the BOD recently passed a resolution to upgrade OSCAR technology hardware and software. This came as a recommendation from Technology Chair, Kemp Howland, whose committee worked tirelessly with our AE, Carol Platt, and staff. A study of the immediate and long term technology needs was made which resulted in […]